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I hate group projects! A solution to group work angst using interdisciplinary consulting as a guide. link

Utah State University: Lecturer 1998-2000, Teaching Assistant 1996-1997, 2016-2017

  • Sampling: graduate level class that taught systems control and sampling design to engineering and statistics majors
  • Intermediate statistics: required by all science graduate students
  • Introduction to statistics: taught many iterations of this class including one for business majors, a calculus-based version for life science majors, a version for general science majors, and a minimally quantitative version as a general education course
  • Calculus: tailored to business and finance majors
  • Algebra

BYU-Idaho: Faculty 2011-2014

  • Intermediate statistics: I created this class as part of the new statistics minor. It included non-parametric statistics, categorical data analysis, sampling design, data wrangling, and R programming along with other intermediate level topics.
  • Introduction to statistics: heavily involved in reworking these classes while at BYU-I. Responsible for making all homework online and automatically graded with feedback for students. The classroom was flipped classroom with a strong emphasis on group work and case studies during class. Individual classes were focused on business, social sciences, or biostatistics.
  • Math for the real world: practical math including finance, statistics, and probability.

Portage, Inc.: Senior Statistician 2000-2016

  • Introduction to data quality assessment: webinar series for clients and coworkers
  • Introduction to sampling design: brown bag series for clients and coworkers

Idaho State University: Adjunct Faculty 2002-2003

  • Introduction to statistics
  • Intermediate algebra
  • Arithmetic and pre-algebra